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Code of Conduct

Shoals Pickleball Club is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members. Our Code of Conduct outlines the expectations we have for all members, guests, and volunteers to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  1. Respect: All members are expected to treat others with respect and dignity. This includes refraining from any verbal or physical abuse, harassment, or discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, or any other personal characteristic.

  2. Sportsmanship: Members are expected to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. This includes being honest, fair, and respectful towards opponents, teammates, and officials.

  3. Safety: Members are expected to prioritize safety at all times. This includes following all safety rules and guidelines, reporting any safety hazards, and refraining from any behavior that could put themselves or others at risk of injury.

  4. Integrity: Members are expected to act with integrity at all times. This includes being honest and truthful in all interactions, respecting the property of others, and refraining from any behavior that could be considered cheating or unethical.

  5. Compliance: Members are expected to comply with all rules, policies, and procedures set forth by the Shoals Pickleball Club. This includes following all court and facility usage rules, respecting the authority of officials and staff, and complying with any requests or directives from the club leadership.

  6. Consequences: Any member who violates the Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action, up to and including suspension or revocation of membership. The club leadership reserves the right to determine the appropriate course of action based on the severity and frequency of the violation.

Thank you for your cooperation in upholding our Code of Conduct and helping to create a positive and enjoyable environment for all members of the Shoals Pickleball Club.

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